Tuesday, July 15, 2008

System 9 Gadgets

A while ago I created some System 9 gadgets for the Windows Vista sidebar.   The project went well but when Hyperion was bought by Oracle it kind of got lost and forgotten.  Well I found the source while going through some old files and I decided to dust them off.  I removed the old branding and made sure they worked with the newest version of System 9 (11.1). 



There are 2 gadgets, one that lets you browse the System 9 repository and another that stores favorite reports that you set in the first.  The gadgets are great for the user that opens the same key reports on some sort of periodic basis.

I think these are pretty useful and some users may want them.   Next steps are to figure out how to post them and to see if I can quickly convert them to Google gadgets.  I will update the blog when I get them posted.

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Satya said...

Thanks, good information !!

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