Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More on JavaFX

OK I will be totally honest I don't have a whole lot on this one, simply because it is the newest entry in the market. It does look promising from the videos I have seen and what is being said about platform support sounds great. I just hope we can avoid all the issues I have seen over the years with JRE and version compatibility… I have signed up to preview the SDK and when I get a hold of it I will be sure to share more. I do want to share one cool feature I have seen on video. It is the ability to start with the application in the browser and then drag it to the desktop. Here the video that shows this:

The feature I am talking about is about 2:10 into the video and I think this will be a key differentiator that the other RIA (Rich Internet Application) players will quickly try to copy.

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